The Night Before an Exam

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Do you know what makes student life predictable? The night before exams! Students all around the world do similar things during that night, as well as similar mistakes. That is why it is helpful to know what should be avoided at that time. You are free to use all bits of advice from in order to write your own college essay on a similar topic.

Say «No» to Alcohol

Some of the students in order to relieve stress before exams spend time with friends and drink alcohol. It is needless to say that such students usually feel terrible the next morning and are not able to answer teacher’s questions. Moreover, a teacher will probably understand how exactly a student was «preparing» for exams the night before. Research shows that alcohol dulls the Central nervous system and disrupts the concentration. What is worse, it can increase sleepiness, so you won’t feel energetic during an exam and will probably think about going home and having a good sleep.

Forget About Your Books

Nowadays many students believe that the night before an exam is enough to memorize a huge amount of information, but this is not true. If you study whole night long your brain will be overloaded with different information and it gives you a 100% guarantee that you will forget all this information after you pass exams. Our brain can only receive a certain amount of information every day, so even if you study more, you are likely to forget it faster. So if you didn’t have time during a whole semester, try to start preparing 2 weeks before your exams.

Forget About Pills

We all know that exams can be stressful for students. Many of them eat special sedative pills without doctor’s prescription the night before an exam. The effect of such medications is unpredictable. They may cause an increased sleepiness or total indifference towards things and people around.

No More Coffee

If we talk about coffee, its effect on our body is totally opposite. Coffee will make you feel energetic for a couple of hours, but can negatively influence your heart and further sleep. If you drink many cups of coffee you won’t sleep at night but you’ll anyway feel exhausted the next day.

Do Not Wash Your Hair

It may sound like a superstition but try not to wash your hair the night before an exam. It is a funny fact, but many people believe it may wash out the knowledge out of your brain. In case you don’t have one, be free to wash any part of your body, as even superstitions won’t help you.

Now as you know main things to avoid the night before an exam, you will hopefully pass everything successfully. Good luck!

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