Generation Z or Post-Millennials: Who Are They?

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Generation Z

With the recent gun violence, there’s been an upsurge in students’ protesting. Generation Z showed that they were the people who would not tolerate the old ways and would strive to reform the country and foster change.

In this article you will find out how this generation is different from millennials and their characteristic features. By the way, on our website you can get somebody to write your essay at a reasonable price.

They Are More Tech Savvy

This one is to be expected. Post millennials were born between 1996 and 2006, so they never knew the world without technology. For them a smart phone is no miraculous device, but an ordinary means of texting, streaming, browsing or whatever they decide to do with it.

So, they are naturally pre-disposed to taking interest in technology. The problem is that it often leads to a severe addiction. More than 50 % of Generation Z says this is their problem. They find it harder to focus on the task at hand and happen to multitask a lot.

They Are More Ambitious

On average, post millennials tend to have higher expectations than people from other generations. They want jobs to cater to their interests, and if the employees fail to do so, they are not afraid to say goodbye and move on.

Not only are they pickier in regards to careers – they are also much more entrepreneurial. More than 70 % of teens from Gen Z recognized their desire to launch a business at one point in life. So, job hopping and a desire to be one’s own boss are closely intertwined in a post millennials’ psyche.

They Are More Tolerant

If you take a look at the US, it is obvious that millennials are the least religious group so far. This secularization of the American population is invisible, but ongoing. Gen Z is expected to be even less religious than their predecessors and much more tolerant towards other religions.

They grew up with an early access to the Internet which enabled them to be exposed to the much bigger world outside their little community. So, they are less likely to find diversity weird or off-putting and are more inclined not only to accept minorities, but also to encourage their integration (see gay marriages).

They Are Realistic

Most millennials were brought up by baby boomers that instilled optimism in them. Gen Z was brought up in the midst of the terrorist threats and Recession. Therefore, these people are more prone to seeing the world as it is with all of its shortcomings.

Many millennials went to college believing they would be able to find a lucrative job afterwards, but failed miserably. Post millennials, even if they go to college and fail, will see it coming. This is a reason why many of them consider getting the same knowledge online instead of wasting money on a degree.


It is hard to predict how this generation is going to fare in the adult life as many of them are just entering the workforce. However, at least they have a sound political awareness and firm views which they are not shy to express (see the US marches against gun violence).

The fact that they are so much more tolerant than the previous generations gives hope that racism, homophobia and misogyny will become relics of the past. Let’s wait and see, and perhaps it will be the Gen Z which will push for all the much needed reforms which the current administration fails to address.

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