Finishing What You Start All the Time: Is It Possible?

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Never Give Up

How many times have you started an online course and given up on it? I bet there were many situations in your life where you wanted to accomplish something, but did not have enough discipline or motivation to push yourself to do it.

In this article you will encounter useful tips on combating your laziness and getting down to work. If you are short in time, you can always contact our professional writers for help. Here you can get acquainted with our testimonials to make sure that our website is completely safe.


It is not hard to dig up the necessary info online. There are many MOOCs, online books and forums at your disposal. Even YouTube has a great number of educational channels where you can learn something quickly and efficiently.

However, the majority makes one unfortunate mistake – they watch videos passively without taking notes or testing themselves afterwards. However, practice is just as important as theory. You need to find sources where you can test yourself on the info you consumed. Only this way will your work be effective, and you feel that you are making progress. Thus, you will be less likely to give up.

Don’t Split Your Attention

It’s obvious that you should not watch TV shows or YouTube pranks in between your study session. However, this is not what I am talking about here.

The Internet is wonderful as it offers a variety of information sources. However, this variety can also be a distraction. You should not split your attention between different books, MOOCS and YouTube channels. It is better to choose just one or two which work best for you and focus on them.

The thing is that if you consume the same info in slightly different variations – it will not make you closer to your ultimate goal. Thus, you will get a feeling that you are not moving forward, and you will be very prone to giving up before the finish line.

Don’t Get Stuck in Details

As a perfectionist, I have this problem all the time. Basically, whenever I start a book, especially if it is outside of my expertise, I will get so bogged down in details that I will be moving forward at a ridiculously slow pace. Do not repeat my mistakes. Learn to sift through the information.

Details are not bad per se. They can make you an expert, but only if you already have profound knowledge in the field. If you are just starting, they are distracting and confusing. So, do not automatically assume that everything in the book is important. Learn to pinpoint most significant facts.

Get Support

If you want to dive into a new field, you will definitely need support. Whether it’s programming or history, you are bound to encounter confusing information you do not understand. So, pride aside, seek help from experts and peers.

Stay away from toxic people who tell you that you cannot pull it off on your own. Do not be afraid to contact professors and teachers if you need clarifications. If you are not a student, you may try online forums for this purpose. Find some like-minded people and discuss emerging issues together.

If you feel like the burden is too much, you can contact our expert writers for help. On you will be able to obtain an impeccable paper and even get an unlimited number of free revisions.

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