The Exams Are Coming and You`re Sick: We Don`t Need That

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Being Sick

The only time when you enjoyed being sick was during your school years. Mom would take care of you all week long with tasty hot soup, huge mugs of warm milk or cocoa, and, of course, you were allowed to eat that strawberry jam as much as you wanted because the precious mommy`s kid caught a cold and had to recover at any cost.

Calling in sick is also not the worst reason not to go to work. Yes, you have a runny nose and a sore throat, but at least you don`t have an overhead pile of documents you need to make a report on.

But, apparently, at this moment you`re a student, and you can`t do either of the things mentioned above. If you have an exam or an important lecture, you may have no choice but to come there.

Hold on though, there is nothing more important than your health, so forget about the lecture and just stay at home and work on that process of recovery. However, if it`s an exam, sometimes attending it while being sick will cause fewer complications than not showing up at all.

Even though with exams you do not have a choice, you do have a choice with your homework assignments. On you can get your essay written by our creative and insightful writers. Even if you are sick, it is not a reason to compromise your grade at the university or risk failing the class.

So, you must become healthy as soon as possible. How can you do that?

Things That Start with “DON`T”

No Caffeine

Any illness always means a list of restrictions. If you managed to catch a cold in summer, then under any circumstances, just don`t buy a lottery ticket, that`s definitely not your lucky time. But if it`s winter (dear Californians, you have nothing to worry about, you simply don`t need to know what winter is, you don`t have such thing), I guess it`s needless to say that you need to dress up according to the weather conditions, you shouldn`t eat ice-cream or snow, and so on and so forth. That`s what you already know.

But if you want to get healthy really quickly, you need to say “no” to coffee. Surprise! It can actually be the reason why you are still sick. Caffeine isn`t good for the healing process. It`s not like it can stop your body from recovering, it just won`t help it, that`s for sure. Just forget about caffeine for this short period of time if you don`t want it to become a long period of time.

Take it easy with your workout routine. If you have a fever, I hope you do realize that you shouldn`t exercise. The immune system needs rest, and running 10 m/h isn`t the exact definition of rest. If you don`t have a fever, there is still no point to get too enthusiastic about the push-ups and the pull-ups. Your muscle strength won`t surprise you much because, let`s admit it, you`re just still weak. So, don`t push yourself too hard.

It`s not only about the gym routine, but the rest of your body in general. If you have an exam in a couple of days, you`d rather stay in bed in order to provide your body with the royal treatment. And by that I mean a high-quality sleep. What was the last time you had a good eight-hour shut-eye? It`s been a while, I know that. Just go to bed, otherwise, you simply won`t be able to get out of bed on the exam day.

Do not worry about college for some time. If you need to submit an important paper before your exam, just make an order with us. Check our pricing page to ensure that you understand all the conditions. Remember – you matter more than your grade.

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Things That Start with “DO”

Now when we`ve established that you`ve been treating cold in a wrong way through the whole life, it`s time for you to find out how you can set things right.

A couple of days before an exam, huh? Buy gallons and gallons of good clean water because you still are going to use all of it. A proper level of hydration is an absolute must. Water and tea will thin your mucus. Besides, when you have a fever, your body won`t be able to get better without various fluids.

You should also try gargling with salty water, it will ease the throat swelling. Hot chicken soup will be incredibly helpful as well. You may think of it as a traditional mom`s remedy, but it was actually proven by scientific research that this dish could be a great treatment which eased inflammation.

Where else can you apply water? Some specialists recommend hot shower. It`s not the water itself that will be helpful, but breathing in the steam. See? It`s all H2O, that`s just a magic liquid!

Still never ever hesitate to visit a doctor!

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