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Every person is supposed to write without either grammar or spelling mistakes as long as it is not about little children. Unfortunately, nowadays, there are many tools that make our life easier but in a long run they have a negative impact. It is about such extensions as a built-in smart input of mobile phones, spellchecking function in Microsoft Word etc. People, transferring responsibility for correct spelling to program extensions, become more illiterate. Let us resist this modern destructive trend and find out how to stay literate.

Write Every Day

As mastering of any skill, good spelling could be achieved by doing a lot of practice. Write two or three texts a day. Whether you choose to write in a private notebook or to make a publication on your page in a social network it does not matter, though when you do it publicly, the shame of failure will motivate you to write in the best possible way. Consider a careful editing or editing by professional essay revisors. In your writings, you can find and analyze your mistakes, improve and see your progress. Do not forget to switch off all the helpful extensions that you use. Opt for vocabularies instead and write every letter consciously. Moreover, to find another new topic, you will have to read and think more.

Read What You Have Written

Reading the text a few times after finishing it is a good practice. It allows not only to check the spelling of words but to think about grammatical structures of sentences, appropriate usage of difficult words (maybe, new terms), check how clearly the idea is transferred, whether the topic is unfolded fully. Every text will form your own writing style, expand your active vocabulary, and educate you. Ordering an outside help such as an essay revisor will be a great idea on the way to essay polishing.

Read Good Literature

Smart and competent books by successful modern authors, who can write literate texts, and, of course, classic literature, can improve your spelling skills dramatically. Reading for one or better two hours a day will enrich your lexicon, provoke smart ideas in your head, make your imagination more vivid. For more productive reading, write down complex or new words, make morphological analysis to understand better why words are spelled in exactly that way. Read slowly and carefully. Your visual memory will remember complex words, so it will be easier to write them later. If you want to do this effectively, order the help from GetEssayNow.Com.

Learn the Rules

Not many people can write correctly without either knowing any rules or spellchecking programs. However, knowledge of spelling rules only does not guarantee practical literacy. You should not ignore systematic writing practice if you really want to be a spelling expert. Find a grammar textbook in a library or on the Internet. Especially useful, apart from writing texts, are textbooks with exercises and answers, so you can check yourself and improve without external help. Also, many resources can be easily found online. Websites with the rules of grammar and punctuation, quizzes, such as QuizUp, which you can play with your friends or other users from all around the world, and different games. Literate, educated, intelligent people have always been respected and have more weight in any society. Review your writing skills, and, maybe, it is time for changes.

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