Paper About World Poverty: Review of Sources

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Surely, you have heard a lot about poverty. Moreover, you even might face up with it. Now, your task is to gather all the information you have ever heard, seen or found. However, you need to remind all of it. Therefore, this time you have to find the sources where you can get the information to revise. And we will help you with this.

Wiki: Simple but Useful

Despite of the fact that Wikipedia is considered to be an unreliable source of information, it can still provide us with some useful links. Moreover, it is a nice start to get a general image of what your future paper will be about. It introduces not only the definition of the notion but also some other aspects, such as its types or some kind of statistics that can turn into the main points of paper’s paragraphs later. Although, let’s get back to the references which will help you to type essay of this kind.

Among the great number of different links, there is one that leads to Britannica – an online encyclopedia. It is full of reliable information and well-edited articles, which can provide you with quite an interesting and, what is important, already arranged information. However, do not be so shameless to rewrite it blindly.

One more link also makes sense. It leads to Bailors University base, where one can find an informative article about “Poverty and Violence” by Steven Lee that was published in journal “Social theory and practice.” However, in order to get an access to it, one must be authorized. However, there is almost nothing impossible for the internet, so you can find it accessible for free after several clicks of your mouse. If you want a summary of this book to use the concepts of it, feel free to order it at GetEssayNow.Com.

Academic Journals

The good sources of information are also journals. Searching website of Taylor & Francis Group (international company that publishes academic journals), you can find “Poverty Journal.” One can search through all the latest issues as well as old ones there. It is full of different articles that deal with poverty. It was of a great help for me when I was struggling to write my essay. You will be able to find the information that will load the main body of your paper there. Although, previously, you need to think its structure out.

Films for Visual Expression

In order to get more data about this very topic you can also browse through some documentaries. They usually consist of different facts (that are shot with a photo or video camera) as well as comments and interviews of scholars, actors, authorities or people who are simply not indifferent.

There is a nice documentary – “The End of Poverty” that was narrated by Martin Sheen. It depicts that the poverty did not just happened, and is a direct consequence of the set of actions that have been done by the world’s government.

Another powerful documental film is “A Place at The Table.” It is a story of three Americans who struggle just to eat. The film is full of examples from the real life and statistics that, it should be admitted, terrifies.

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