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Nowadays the notion of "a charismatic person" implies a series of positive traits of character. What does charisma mean in reality and how to develop it? This bizarre word characterizes a positive and smiling person, whose speech is full of confidence and true involvement in a conversation.

Have you ever noticed that at times the most unattractive person shows oneself completely from the opposite side when communicating? They capture attention of other people using emotional words, an unobtrusive gesticulation, and attractive facial expressions. This kind of people is considered to have a charisma. Not everyone displays a natural charm and the ability to strike up a discussion. But do not get frustrated ahead of time, because even if nature has not given you charisma, you may easily cultivate that by yourself taking into account the following tips prepared by writers.

Stay Positive and Kind

Positive Person

That’s true that not every person has a wonderful sense of humor that appeals to everyone, but that is the key skill required for charisma. There is no need to joke and amuse people, it is more important to percept optimism from one’s surrounding. An optimistic person thinks positively, never fidgets or complains. It is important to stay cheerful in order to attract the attention of people we meet because it's much easier to start a conversation with them.

Leave sarcastic jokes for your buddies and relatives as they may sometimes be inappropriate. That’s better to use soft jokes, to leave bright compliments to stories and, therefore, to make an extremely pleasant impression. The main thing is to observe the line after which praise turns into rude flattery, and the joke becomes offensive. If your opinion does not coincide with the opinion of your interlocutor, do not be afraid of defending your point of view, but do that kindly and graciously. That is to say, don’t raise your voice and explain patiently why you disagree with him or her.

Become an Active Listener

Friendly Communication

Being a really interesting interlocutor means not only showing one’s interest in the conversation but also listening actively. To achieve that, it is required to stop considering oneself being the main person in the conversation but begin to dialogue on equal. You should be very attentive to the interlocutor and never interrupt him or her.

Become a good listener and, in turn, you will achieve the goal of becoming a skillful storyteller. Even if you do not agree with some ideas, show respect to the point of view that absolutely differs from yours. When listening to a person, you seem to empathize with him or her. As soon as the interlocutor finishes expressing the ideas, you can express your opinion.

Formulate an Opinion

Person Discussing

Sometimes, especially when attending some events and parties, it happens that you want to tell some witty things to your friends but instead just sit silently, embarrassed and afraid that in reality you are not able to shape your thoughts into a beautiful flow of words. Keep calm as that is possible to practice and finally succeed! Just keep in mind that any talk is always a matter of two (or more) people, and if one of them is immersed in silence and feels lost for words, a desire to communicate with such a person will decrease.

In order to impress everyone with a rich speech and ways to express your thoughts, a diary or a blog will help you. Write eloquently about what is happening in your life, what excites you, your mood, your emotions. Take part in discussions in various forums, speak out. Learn to discuss and develop the ability to defend your point of view.

Ask Right Questions

The easiest way to destroy any pleasant dialogue is to ask an inappropriate question. What questions and topics will be inappropriate? Today, the range of unpleasant issues has significantly expanded compared to the most common questions such as politics and religion. Traditional questions like “What are your good traits of character?” “Where do you study?” and “What is life at all?” drive people to a total puzzlement but not to a talk.

Ask about interests and hobbies and you will always be on the money. For example, ask such questions as “What is the latest film you’ve watched?” “What is (was) your favorite subject at college?” “What is the brightest memory of your childhood?” “Can you advise some witty and cheerful films for the nearest weekend?” “Did you like to write essays at school?” and many others. Those are considered to be a few of the universal themes ever as there doesn’t exist a person that is not keen on films, music, books, magazines and travelling.

Sometimes it happens that we are one-on-one with an unfamiliar person. What is to be discussed? The same questions as it has been mentioned earlier. Ask about the recently read book, discuss the release of a new sitcom, ask about the impressions of the recent exhibition of impressionists in the local museum, ask about the attitude to the latest news, etc. The rule on the avoidance of too intimate questions shall be applied here, too.

Never Miss a Trick

In order to become good at conversing, you will have to be aware of the events taking place around. Broaden your mind with the help of the books of modern authors, show interest in the latest news in different spheres of social life, attend exhibitions, concerts, performances, sport events, etc. Live an interesting and exciting life full of bright emotions. Treat people as you want to be treated. Become a charismatic interlocutor to meet the same people on your way.

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