Don`t Try to Avoid Paying a Student Loan with This Extreme Plan

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Student Loan

According to the recent research, millennials are the generation who has the biggest student loans. They aren`t really capable of paying all of them, so they wait, and wait, and wait. They want a good job, but it shouldn`t be some boring 9 to 5 life, it has to be creative, exciting, and it has to represent their free spirit. It`s not like jobs like this grow on a tree, so millennials can`t afford to buy their own place and spend all money on brunches. At least, that`s what I heard.

A student loan can become a huge burden, and I know that you truly want to get rid of it as soon as possible. One of the ways to do it is to get a job while in college. Many are hesitant to do it because school is hard with tons of homework, tests, etc. However, with Getessaynow it is no longer an issue. You can have both a high GPA and an opportunity to pay off your student loans early in life. Just let our expert writers complete your homework assignments while you are earning some cash and getting useful working experience.

And while you`re thinking about how you can do it in the most effective way, let me tell you about one extreme way how you can deal with all of your debts at once.

Before we get to the fun part of this article, I`d like to warn you that you shouldn`t take this suggestion as a piece of legal advice. Because I don`t want to see you in court if you try to follow these tips and do something stupid.

As you know from the movies, there are several effective ways how to avoid paying a student loan. But none of them are legal, and we won`t give you the law-abiding tips either. So watch out, it`s all on you. It would be extremely hard to make the whole university disappear, and you can`t destroy a bank that lent you the money.

Theoretically, you can, of course. For example, you can break into their computer security system and mess it up, but not everybody has skills like that. So, the only way is to make yourself disappear.

A New Shiny Card with Your Face on It

Funny ID

Let`s say you want to run away and start a new life. First of all, in order to run like a pro, you need to start doing sports now. No kidding here. You might even improve your grades. Whatever your reason to escape, get yourself in shape first.

And the second thing that you want to do is getting rid of your old ID and getting a new one. It`s not just a passport, a driving license, and that gym membership card that you keep promising yourself to use at least once in a month. No contacts should be left either. Your phone and the phone number go the garbage pin. No, it must be a river. Choose a place with a lot of water.

I warned you this is an extreme approach. And I truly hope with my entire heart that you`ll never want to use this advice. Perhaps, you`re reading this to get some new knowledge about a hypothetical situation that may happen. Or you may be writing a story about an occasion like this, and you need it to be realistic.

You can`t tell anyone about it because all great criminal scenarios were exposed simply because more than one person was involved. People just can`t keep their mouths shut, can they?

Please mind that in the USA, you can get busted for fraud if you get a fake ID. So, the best option is to flee the country. No, no, moving a hundred or a thousand miles away, but still be in the country won`t work.

The Destination Point


Believe it or not but the best country you can hide in from all student loans and other debts is … drum roll… Ukraine. According to National Geographic, Ukraine is the hardest country to be found in.

If you`ve never heard of this state, that`s just another proof that these guys are good at hiding. In case you`re wondering, that`s a country which is bigger than France and situated between Poland and Russia. Did you think it was some kind of an island?

The research shows that Ukraine is the country which doesn`t require all those annoying ID`s to pay for rent or find a job. Besides, you can find one of the best fake passports on local black markets. Now you can get a name that you always wanted.

Did parents call you Robert? Have you always hated that name? Well, now you can be Harold! Perhaps, you won`t blend in the Ukrainian society that easily with this name, but at least you will get the name you have always wanted.

You Can Have as Many Wigs as Cher!

If you want to avoid paying huge sums of money, you`d rather consider changing your appearance. Perhaps, platinum blonde will suit you even better. You can grow a mustache and get those cool contact lenses which will change your eye color.

Only cash-based life is good for you. Otherwise, you`ll get caught. Nobody promised it would be easy to live off the grid. And you`ll go through all these miseries just to get rid of one tiny petty student loan. Okay, it`s not small. Some people are still paying it in their late thirties.

Well, now I understand why you would consider going through all the trouble. I do think that this article can be useful to you. And again, everything mentioned here is illegal and will bring you to prison for many years. At least, now you know that living in hiding isn`t suitable for you.

Honestly, it`s much easier to find a good job and pay off debts than live incognito in Ukraine. However, in order to get time for a job, you need to say goodbye to all those papers vying for your time. You can find the answers to all of your questions on our website. So, instead of risking your freedom, maybe, it’s better to start prioritizing and delegate tasks which do not make you closer to your goal – which is paying off your student loans.

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