Tangled Headphones: The Eternal Curse

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Tangled Headphones

The student often spends a lot of time in transport. This is not surprising because often the university is located for several tens of kilometers from the place of residence. Therefore, it is natural that during trips students want to occupy themselves with something. Someone reads books, others communicate with friends who go with them to the study. However, the most common way of pastime is to listen to music or audiobooks on the phone or player. It is clear that you just do not listen to music in the transport, so you need headphones for listening. But there is one nuance from the category of eternal curses – the headphones are always tangled.

When you want to listen to music in the morning, and headphones are raveled... then most people, if not outwardly, then inwardly, become furious for nothing, in fact. But in the morning, we often behave like "sleepy flies", so even a small problem seems like a failure. Many people have already written about this, in particular here.

Many people put up with this, and every day unravel their headphones. Let us just say – it is not good. After all, in the world, practically every problem has a solution. For this, there is science. However, with this problem, we will be helped not by science, but by simple life experience.

How to Make Sure That the Headphones Are Not Raveled?

Now we proceed directly to the solution to the problem with the entanglement of the headphones. The solution seems elementary to you, but in our world, everything is simple, if you look at things differently than the average person looks at the world.

We often disregard the elementary work, which seems to us primitive in order to deal with it. Therefore, instead of doing everything at once, we begin to invent something completely unnecessary, in short, to reinvent the wheel.

In principle, our solution is suitable for any headphone (except for wireless, there cannot be problems with entanglement):

  1. Fold the headphones in half;
  2. Fold the headphones in half again;
  3. Tie the headphones on a weak knot;
  4. Put the headphones in your pocket or bag.

That is all. Simple, is not it? Primitive! However, this is an effective way to get rid of the daily unraveling of headphones.

We hope that now you will not have a similar problem, and you will receive every day useful knowledge, getting to the university, using your headphones or our writing services at Just a couple of simple movements will relieve you of unnecessary nerves for the whole day.

If it seems to you that the problem is not solved, and you knock under what you have now, this is an incorrect life position. Most likely, you are just too lazy to find a solution. Remember that everything can be solved, there just must be a desire. We will not tire of repeating it.

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