The Moon and Health

The Moon

The influence of the moon on a human is not just mysterious myths invented by the people. Almost certainly one can say that students do not think about this topic at all, they have many other important things to do. However, if you are well informed, you can avoid many problems and increase your productivity in the future. How? And how does the moon affect a person?

Three Reasons for Recurring Conflicts. Part 2


Often excessive aggression, selfish behavior and anger are a protective mechanism for our fear. We feel hurt at moments of quarrel or because of other circumstances and choose attack tactics, or too strong response. Over time, this behavior becomes norm and we develop a trigger inside, which is switched on every time a partner asks us a "wrong question", or crosses our border.

Three Reasons for Recurring Conflicts. Part 1


At some point, we all face a dead end in a relationship, when it seems that there is no solution. Often, this is facilitated by unsolvable, in our opinion, quarrels, which are repeated, mutated, but always remain and are burdensome for our relationship. If you have constant conflicts with your groupmates, then studies can turn into hell. will help you with an essay, but you must try to deal with your own relationship by yourself.

Psychology in Education


It is of great importance, why a person entered a university, how adequately he or she imagines education, what his or her initial data were. Much depends on qualifications of teaching staff and organization of educational process. However, an important factor is the psychological component of a student, which is very difficult to change, if it is possible in principle.

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