Tidy Your College Dorm and Free Your Mind

Tidy Room

Have you ever felt like your room is a mess, and it is difficult to breathe in there sometimes? It may feel like this, because you have no idea how to tidy it up properly. The benefits of cleaning are plentiful: it can help you finish a college essay faster, get new inspiration and even feel a lot better physically! Learn how to tidy your college dorm room right and how to free your mind in the process.

Power Up Your Resume: Quick Tips

Man Adjusting Tie

A resume is a paper that will either bring you success or failure. You can rewrite an essay, but a resume is a final statement of your work and achievements that will be viewed by the employer. Usually, a resume is sent out before the interview or afterwards, so make sure to have it if you are planning to apply for a job.

Don`t Try to Avoid Paying a Student Loan with This Extreme Plan

Student Loan

According to the recent research, millennials are the generation who has the biggest student loans. They aren`t really capable of paying all of them, so they wait, and wait, and wait. They want a good job, but it shouldn`t be some boring 9 to 5 life, it has to be creative, exciting, and it has to represent their free spirit. It`s not like jobs like this grow on a tree, so millennials can`t afford to buy their own place and spend all money on brunches. At least, that`s what I heard.

If You Haven`t Read a Book, You Still Can Write About It

Too Many Books

Oscar Wilde was sure that there was no point to read a book he was supposed to write a review of. That`s a great idea actually! The prominent author claimed that he got under the influence of books way too easily so he wanted to stay unbiased. However, your reason for writing an essay on a book that you`ve never even opened can be different. You`re just too lazy or busy.All those computer games won`t play themselves, obviously.

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