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The Power of Language

Language and Brain

Language is an extremely intricate and versatile phenomenon. One can talk about it in terms of idioms, abbreviations, slang. In this essay sample I will discuss the importance of treating the words we use very carefully as the language influences the world tremendously.

TOEFL Exam Writing: Dealing with Ice and Fire

Exam Writing

TOELF is a world-known test which intends to check your language. It checks the English skills of people, for whom English isn’t a native language. To pass the test, examiners verify language skills such as how well you speak, read, listen and write. It is a perfect idea to pass this exam if you are planning to study in another country or have a job in a global company. By the way, looking ahead, if you have passed the exam and entered the desired college or university, you may need the help of GetEssayNow.Com to cope with all the assignments the way the natives do.

Ideas for College Graduation Party: A Brief Paper with Overview

College Graduation Party

The most expected and exciting moment of students’ life is a college graduation party. It is a perfect chance to celebrate the end of studying and constant paper writing, and begin an adult life. At this day, students are emotional and excited, and parents are so proud and happy for their children.

That is why, it is so important to do everything for this amazing evening.  Such eventful day should be prepared thoughtfully, so you can be completely relaxed and capable of enjoying your day.

Interesting Facts about Gender Inequalities for an Essay

Man and Woman

Gender topics are quite wide-spread today. The issue is discussed all over the world by authorities, mass media, and average citizens. However, the topicality of the gender inequality is exponentially higher. That is why there is nothing special that this topic often appears at schools and universities while writing tests or essays.

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