Inadequate Professor. What to Do?

Angry Person

The university is not a school. Professors change every semester here. Imagine: you came after the holidays rested and cheered, and here is such a happiness. How can you survive this semester or a year with such a teacher?

Student Time. Your Time. Part 1


Many graduates know exactly what the student time is. But there are also such specimens who, having studied for years at the university, did not understand the exact definition of these words. We must say, they lost a lot, because some important segment of life has bypassed their side and is unlikely to happen again at least once.

International Party Guide

Friends Chatting

Have you ever considered making new friends being an abroad or while have a semester as an exchange student? Meeting with people from all over the world is always exciting, and as a rule making new friends means hanging out with them. To provide a smooth integration, you are to have a preparation to slay it.

Tangled Headphones: The Eternal Curse

Tangled Headphones

The student often spends a lot of time in transport. This is not surprising because often the university is located for several tens of kilometers from the place of residence. Therefore, it is natural that during trips students want to occupy themselves with something. Someone reads books, others communicate with friends who go with them to the study. However, the most common way of pastime is to listen to music or audiobooks on the phone or player.

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