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The Exams Are Coming and You`re Sick: We Don`t Need That

Being Sick

The only time when you enjoyed being sick was during your school years. Mom would take care of you all week long with tasty hot soup, huge mugs of warm milk or cocoa, and, of course, you were allowed to eat that strawberry jam as much as you wanted because the precious mommy`s kid caught a cold and had to recover at any cost.

Essay on International Relations: Who`s North Korea`s Best Bud?

North Korea

Go to a website of any news outlet and search for international events. I bet you`ll see North Korea in half of those news. This country has gained its popularity in newspapers and magazines not because of its touristic attractions, super powerful economy, or extra incredible sportsmen. The reason it`s such a talk of a town or of the planet, in this case, is that this country is the most mysterious and the most dangerous in the world.

Having a Fulfilling Life as a Student: Tips

Student Travelling

It is true that as a student you will need to make some sacrifices. For instance, most likely you will not be able to handle a full-time job and will have to be content with working part-time. That means lower income and fewer opportunities, but it should not mean a terrible life.

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