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Being Socially Active: Reasons Why

Student Protestor

The majority of students do not care about social activism. I do not blame them – with debt growing and assignments multiplying, it is hard to find time. Many think that being socially active takes a ton of time and can only be practiced by those who have it. This is a myth, and here’s why.

An Argumentative Essay on Removing Confederate Statues

Racism Picture

There’s been a lot of debate around the issue of removing these statues recently. Many argue for it, while there are those who oppose the decision. In this article we will explore the common arguments for and against the removal of the statues and how to write an argumentative essay on this topic.

Using Abbreviations in Writing: Useful Advice


Whether you are crafting an academic paper or chatting with your friend on Facebook – there is a high probability you will end up using abbreviations. However, those are not always good for your style and can often make your message murky and confusing.

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