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Plagiarism in Your Essay: Tips on Avoiding the Issue

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Plagiarism is a common issue today. Even the famous authors become its victims, as it is really hard to protect your intellectual work from plagiarism. However, in most countries there is a legal punishment for such acts. Besides, today many computer programs can check your text for its uniqueness. Nevertheless, when students are caught with copied texts in schools or colleges, they will definitely get bad grades. This will never happen if you order an essay on this website

Ponder as a Scientist: Improve the Efficiency of Your Work

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Researchers and scientists are individuals with a certain way of thinking. From a young age, we should learn to think the way they do; not because it is interesting and highbrow, but because the scientific approach is very efficient and helps to solve many everyday problems. Habits and mindset, typical for scientists, help to change attitudes to the tasks and develop new original ideas. Therefore, you should develop some habits that will aid you in thinking and acting like a scientist.

The Rules of the First Impression. Are You the Good Student?

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You are the absolutely new person in a new place, and all your previous achievements are known to nobody. All your "baggage of influence" remained in the school walls. It is time to build a new "bastion" of merit in order to prove yourself a good student. Only how to do this? You will find further the answer to this question.

The Level of Intelligence. Ways to Improve

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Human is a creature with intelligence. People have many abilities that distinguish them from the rest of the animal world. The main feature of a person is the presence of mental activity. The level of intellect depends on how the personality develops. Development begins in childhood, continues in student life and can be endless.

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