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Dealing with Procrastination: Pro Tips

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There are many causes of procrastination, and as many solutions to it. It seems strange that with all the abundance of information available on this problem, it would not exist anymore. However, with the growing number of distractions every year, the issue only keeps exacerbating.

Staying Focused on Your Homework: Helpful Tips

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Who does not want to be focused and productive? With college prices skyrocketing, any student would like to get the most out of that expensive experience. However, with the advent of the Internet it has been becoming harder and harder. Now a person who can stay focused for long periods of time is viewed more as an exception rather than a rule.

Writing About Andrew Jackson: Key Facts

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Andrew Jackson was the president of the United States and probably one of the most controversial figures of his time. On the one hand he promoted the interests of common men (and I mean men, not women), on the other hand, he was rather racist and belligerent, with little regard to the judiciary and almost no self-restraint.

Doing Well in College: Being on Time

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Everybody probably wants to be more structured and organized. However, with so many things to do, it is really easy to get lost and confused and miss out on important deadlines. In order to avoid it, you need to learn the basics of managing and organizing your time.

Boosting Your Memory: Awesome Tips


You probably found yourself in a situation where you learned something, but forgot it in just a couple days. Do not worry; it is absolutely human of you. However, there is a way to make sure you keep your memories for as much time as possible.

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